How can I find Jackson Katz’s speaking schedule?

Click here for a list of cities where Jackson will be speaking.   To book Jackson for your company or organization, please email [email protected]

When we have trainings that are open to the public, we’ll post them on  http://www.mvpstrat.com/training-materials/upcoming-trainings/

I want to bring Dr. Katz to my campus to speak and/or conduct professional training. How can I learn about his fees and availability?

For college lectures contact Kevin MacRae For DV/SA events and trainings and all other community programs, send email inquiries to: [email protected]

Does Dr. Katz speak at high schools?

Yes. He has spoken at dozens of independent schools and public high schools around the US. He typically addresses all-school assemblies, sometimes combined with classroom dialogues and/or faculty training.

I want to bring Dr. Katz to my community for speaking/training, but my organization/agency doesn’t yet have a specific event or date in mind. How can I find out if Katz is interested/available to work with us?

Please direct initial inquiries to [email protected] Dr. Katz’s assistant will get back to you and arrange a phone call if requested.

How do I get multiple copies of Dr. Katz’s books? Can we get a bulk discount?

You may purchase The Macho Paradox and Man Enough through  Amazon.com.  For multiple copies of The Macho Paradox contact Sourcebooks at (630) 961-3900.  For multiple copies of Man Enough, contact Interlink Books at (800) 238-LINK.

How do I get Katz’s video Tough Guise 2?

The Media Education Foundation produces and distributes all of Katz’s videos, click here:

My college/high school/community agency is considering the implementation of MVP Strategies gender violence prevention trainings. How do I get more information about training options, availability and cost?

Please see MVP Strategies for background information about MVP Strategies trainings. To schedule a training, email [email protected]

I work in the Department of Defense (DoD) and want to bring Dr. Katz to speak/train on my base, but I am also interested in the MVP Strategies program. What is the difference between Katz’s individual program and the larger training program?

Dr. Katz regularly gives presentations on bases in all of the services and delivers keynote addresses at DoD. conferences. His visits to bases CONUS and OCONUS often include leadership training that he conducts for senior and junior officers and enlisted leaders.

MVP Strategies trainers regularly conduct 2 or 3-day training’s of trainers using the MVP Strategies curriculum and materials.

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